Wireless Gaming Chairs

This page will give you all the information that you need to set up your chair wirelessly. Firstly, you will need to follow the instructions for your device on the Connectivity page (Click Here).

Here is the transmitter explained:

The average range of our wireless transmitters is 10-12m, un-interupted (no walls/buildings in the way etc.).

One Chair

To set up your single gaming chair to the transmitter, you need to set the wireless setting on both the transmitter and the chair to the same band. You have a choice of 1, 2 or 3. It shouldn't matter which band you choose, but if you happen to have a neighbour that also has an X-Rocker gaming chair, you may want to change the band to avoid interferance if they are also using theirs wirelessly.

Two or Three chairs - Seperate Channels

To set up two or three chairs individually, you will need to set the transmitter and the chairs up as above, with each chair and transmitter using a different band. You can set up to three chairs like this, but bare in mind that if you have a neighbour that is using one of these channels with their X-Rocker, you may be limited to what you can do.

Two or more chairs - Paired

You can also use one transmitter with more than one chair (for example - when being used in a home cinema enviroment). This is done by setting up the transmitter to the device, and then putting every chair to the same channel. This will work within the 10-20m range (un-interupted). Now you can have as many chairs within that space on the same channel, playing the same audio from the same device.

Power Supply

Our X-Rocker transmitters use 2x AAA batteries to run. They do not come with a power supply, which is optional. If you would like to purchase a power supply, you should be able to find help in many good electronics stores.

The power supply needs to be very specific, so take the transmitter into the store, and ask for a fixed 3V 0.2A power supply with good mains filtering. If you get a power supply that does not meet these requirements, then all you will get is static through the chair. Fixed at 3V means that it is not a transformer that you can adjust the voltage of (1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12v etc.).